Update 11th May

We realise everyone is keen to learn fuller details of the meeting between QPR 1st and the administrators, but there are just a couple of points contained in the draft report that we need to double-check before posting it publicly. That will be done as soon as humanly possible. We

Trust Update 9th May

Despite the season having come to an end, there is still plenty of work going on here at QPR 1st. We have been busy logging in all the details of those who have registered to QPR 1st and hope to send out a communication to everyone within the next 7-10

Wimbledon QPR Merger Off

A horrible day. QPR fans woke up to the breaking news that, 14 years on from the last proposed merger, another was on the cards. This time it wasn’t Fulham, but Wimbledon. Different club, same reaction. So, first, a press release – in which we state our opposition to the